Are your films biodegradable?
We offer two fully biodegradable film alternatives in our ProGanic film portfolio  and also an oxo-degradable version of ProPylene that offers accelerated disintegration. Thermoplastic packaging films, such as ProPylene and ProPet, are petroleum-based products and are not biodegradable – be sceptical of anyone who claims otherwise!
Are your films recyclable?
The majority of our packaging films are thermoplastic polymers and are all suitable for recycling. However, as the infrastructure for the segregation and sorting of household plastic film waste does not currently exist in the UK we recommend that flexible packaging films are returned with plastic carrier bags to supermarkets or municipal collection sites for recycling.
What is your minimum order quantity?
With such a wide range of products, we do not have a generic minimum order quantity across the whole range. For reels of film, whether centre-folded or single-wound, you can order as little as one roll, while for bespoke bags minimum order quantities generally start at 25,000, depending on the bag specification.   That doesn’t mean we can’t make less than 25,000 bags, it’s just smaller quantities may become cost prohibitive. If you’re after small quantities of any product, ask our sales team on 01453 511126 to check out whether we can offer you anything from stock. Our minimum sales order value for free delivery is £300.
Can I have a sample to try?
We want you to be sure that the packaging you have chosen is right for your product. Therefore we are happy to supply free of charge samples of any of our films and bags to help you to decide what is the best form of packaging for your particular product and process. We can provide handmade bags to the required size for mock-ups or part rolls to your specified width to ensure the film runs satisfactorily on your packing line. We can also schedule short-run chargeable production runs if you require extended trials before you place an order. 
I’ve run out of packaging, can you help me?
At Protos we understand the urgency and potential costs to your business when you have been let down on delivery and will do our very best to help. In addition to our standard ranges of Lip and Wicket polypropylene bags, centre-folded reels for use on L Sealers, and single-wound polypropylene reels for flowrappers, we have many other items available ex stock that could keep you going while we try and fit your exact requirements into our production schedule. Just give our sales team a ring on 01453 511126 and we’ll do our very best to help.
What are your delivery leadtimes?
Delivery lead times vary according to the product; despatch for a standard item can usually be made ex stock on the same day. Otherwise delivery lead times depend on the number or processes required to produce your product. Just as an example, plain single wound rolls usually take 1-2 weeks while a printed, multi-perforated bag will take 4-6 weeks. Exact lead times fluctuate throughout the year but you can always expect to be kept fully informed so you can effectively manage your packing schedule. Once you’ve established the product you want, Protos will always ask you when you need delivery. This is important for us to know so that we meet your expectations and plan our production accordingly. To help you manage your flexible packaging stockholding, ask about our Stock and Serve facility whereby we’ll hold your stock for call off and keep it topped up to agreed minimum stock levels.
How do I open an account and how long does it take?
Our Application for Credit Account can be downloaded here. The length of time to open an account depends largely on how quickly we receive credit references from the referees you provide. This could take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, but we aim to complete the process as quickly as possible. We will write to let you know once your credit account is open and the credit limit that has been set. If you need to order products in the meantime, you may pay by credit card or by telepay. 
I want my packaging printed but don’t have any artwork
No problem! We can help manage your entire design phase, everything from your initial idea to finished artwork and printing plates. We’ll ask you to sign-off the artwork before we print your film to ensure you’re completely happy with how it will look.
Are your packaging films suitable for packing foods?
Yes. We guarantee that all the packaging films in our portfolio are suitable for direct contact with food. Moreover, our BRC Global Packaging Standards certification gives you peace of mind that our manufacturing, warehousing and distribution processes are designed to protect product safety, integrity and quality – and provide that all important traceability. Be sceptical of any suppliers who assure you that their films are BRC certified without holding the certification themselves – the way they process, handle and store the films will be outside the BRC framework and the quality-assured supply chain will be compromised.
Can your films go in the oven?
Our ProPet films are able to withstand temperatures up to 220oC and can therefore be used in conventional ovens . We would also recommend the use of ProPet for wrapping hot food.
I’m not happy with the order/service I’ve received.
Even the best companies make mistakes, but it’s the way a company remedies a mistake that sets it apart from its competitors. Therefore, if things go wrong we ask our customers to let us know immediately if they are not happy with any aspect of our service or product. We will do everything viably possible to put things right to ensure that your experience with Protos is a positive one. As part of our stringent Customer Service policy within the BRC Global Packaging Standard, we investigate any product or service complaint in order to establish root cause and prevent a reoccurrence so we regard any complaints positively as an opportunity for us to improve in the future. Thankfully, things don’t go wrong very often but if they do, you may contact our Managing Director directly on nickyf@protospackaging.co.uk.