What our customers say

We purchase a side-gusseted polypropylene bag from Protos and feel that the quality and service they provide is second to none. I regularly recommend Protos to any colleagues I know who are trying to source polypropylene bags.

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Tailored Bag Specifications for your Products

Our bank of bag-manufacturing equipment allows us to offer a wide range of packaging bag specifications from diverse packaging film substrates including:

  • Sideweld (including Lip and Wicket)
  • Side Seal/Lap Seal
  • Side and Bottom Gusseted
  • Super strength “Titan”

So, whether you are looking for a converter to manufacture side-seal bags from your paper laminate, or sideweld bags from a printed bioplastic film, Protos are here to help you with that niche conversion service.

More Information and Advice

If you need help with your bag-making requirements, give the team at Protos a call on 01453 511126 for more information and advice. Alternatively, you can message us below and we’ll be happy to help.