Film Folding

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We have been buying from Protos for many years because they are so reliable. Quite simply, they do what they say they’re going to do.

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Centre and J-Folding Conversion Service

At Protos we offer a bespoke service for both centre- and J-folding flexible packaging films.

J-folded film means that the film is processed in such a way that the fold line is offset to provide a lip. As an example, 700mm width film may be centre-folded to size 700/350mm or J-folded to 375/325mm, thereby providing a 50mm lip. The maximum film width for J-folding is typically 1000mm.

Alternatively, centre-folded films is where the fold is exactly central. Our manufacturing tolerances for centre-folding ranges from 300mm folded to 150mm, up to 1500mm folded to 750mm width.

More Information and Advice

Whether you require centre- or j-folded reels , give our team a call on 01453 511126 to talk about your needs and requirements. Alternatively you can message us below for more information and advice regarding all our manufacturing processes.