Centre-Folded Reels

What our customers say

We’ve been sourcing our polypropylene film from Protos since 2007 and have found them to be very reliable.  A great company to deal with.

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Improved Freshness For Your Baked Goods

Centre-folded film is commonly used with manual and automatic L-Sealing machines, usually by smaller companies who do not own fully automatic packing equipment.


At Protos we have a large stock-holding of standard sized centre-folded reels used in the bakery and catering industries. The specification for our stock L Sealer packaging is a 20 micron BOPP with 1,000 metres per roll, every roll is overwrapped and boxed for extra protection. Available in both plain or micro-perforated film, the following widths are available ex stock:

  • 300 / 150mm (6”)
  • 400 / 200mm (8”)
  • 500 / 250mm (10”)
  • 600 / 300mm (12”)
  • 700 / 350mm (14”)
  • 800 / 400mm (16”)
  • 900 / 450mm (18”)
  • 1000 / 500mm (20”)

We sell literally thousands of these rolls every month! We also offer a bespoke service for centre-folding film substrates from 15 to 50 microns and finished widths 300/150mm to 1500/750mm widths.

More Information and Advice

Our list of stock centre-folded reels extends way beyond these standard items. Whether you’d like to order centre-folded films ex stock, or require more information, call the team on 01453 511126 or send us a message below and we’ll be happy to help.