Multi-Perforated Reels

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We have dealt with Protos for many years not just because of their competitive pricing , but also the reliability of their quality and service. 

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Maintain Quality With Perforated Packaging

A policy of ongoing investment in perforating technology at Protos has created a unique expertise in micro-perforated polypropylene, polythene and polyester films offering a choice of hot-needle micro-perforations in varying hole patterns or punched holes tailored to suit different products. Micro-perforated packaging film is sometimes recommended in preference to plain film for the following reasons:

  • Crusty baked products such as baguettes maintain their crustiness without drying out as the multi-perforations allow the product to “breathe”.
  • Aroma of product is able to penetrate the packaging (for example, the smell of fresh bread).
  • Warm product may be packaged without the problem of condensation.
  • Fresh produce may be damp when packed – perforations allows moisture to escape


We have the following range of micro-perforated hole patterns available:-

  • 1 hole/4 holes/sq inch: end uses include pies, pasties, doughnuts, herbs
  • 8 holes/sq inch: end uses include iceberg lettuce, pears, mange tout
  • 32 holes/sq inch: end uses include tomatoes, runner beans, tomatoes
  • 160 holes/sq inch: end uses include bakery products, Brussels sprouts, grapes
  • 360 holes/sq inch: end uses include various commercial and industrial applications

Punched holes

We can also offer packaging film with punched holes, ranging in diameter sizes: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. End uses for punched holes are commonly produce including fruit (e.g grapes and strawberries) and vegetables (e.g. tomatoes and peppers).

The advantage of punched holes over standard micro-perforated film is that it offers increased gas transmission that allows the product to breathe.

Strip Perforations

Plain film with strips of perforations from 1 to 160 holes per sq inch. Protos is one of the few companies in the UK who are able to offer this very specialised service – we can tailor our hole pattern and coverage to suit your product’s requirements exactly.

More Information and Advice

At Protos Packaging we can advise you on the best hole perforation pattern to suit your product so please contact us on 01453 511126 or send us a message below for more information.