Titan Bags

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We have been buying from Protos for many years because they are so reliable. 

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Superior Strength For Heavy Weight Goods

As the name suggests, “Titan” bags offer superior strength and are recommended for bulky or heavy products where a superior bottom seal is required. The bag is produced using the standard heat-sealing production process but an additional procedure is added where the bottom seal is folded and taped creating a flat bottom. Because of the unique bottom seal, Titan bags are also useful when a block bottom type bag construction is required to maximise product presentation.

The advantages of the Titan bag are therefore:

  • Low cost alternative to expensive block bottom bags
  • Flat bottom seal allows the product to stand up, excellent for display
  • Incredibly strong bottom seal that is resistant to leakage or seal failure

More Information and Advice

If your product demands superior strength, let Titan bags take the strain. If you require additional information or advise on the best solution for your product call us on 01453 511126 or send us a message below and we’ll be happy to help.