Packaging Film Substrates

Wide Range of Bespoke Packaging Film Substrates

Key to our ability at Protos to provide truly bespoke packaging products is the large range of flexible film substrates that we hold in our portfolio. We have built sound long-term relationships with our global raw material film manufacturers that enables us to reliably buy quality films at competitive prices, which we are able to pass on to our customers. Because of our long-standing partnership networks, we also have first access to innovative new films coming on to the market.

Each of our base packaging films has its own specific properties, such as the rate of oxygen or water vapour permeability, optical characteristics, machinability, the level of environmental friendliness, etc., that need to be considered when deciding on the right base film for your product requirements. Film costs are also an important consideration when deciding on the right film for you.

Browse our full range of Packaging Film Substrates below: