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High Performance, Heavy Duty Film

Certain products and processes demand high performance films that offer superior strength in terms of film thickness and seal integrity and improved barrier properties, for which we recommend our ProFormance range of laminated films.

A laminate comprises two or more flexible packaging films (the same or different film substrates) that are either glued together or combined at the molten polymer stage as a co-extrusion. The benefit of laminated packaging films is the combined properties of two or more films that results in increased strength and barrier properties.  Lamination also allows “sandwich printing” by which the design is printed on the underside of one of the films so that the print is scratch resistant and has superior optical properties. At Protos we have stock laminates available or can source bespoke laminations to meet the individual needs of your products.

An alternative film in our ProFormance range is nylon, a flexible packaging film that is a derivative of synthetic thermoplastic polymers known as polyamides (natural polyamides include wool and silk). Its main properties are durability, strength, resistance to abrasion and high elongation and are suited for packaging applications that demand superior strength, toughness and a high oxygen barrier.

More Information and Advice

Call our knowledgeable sales team for further advice on our range of ProFormance films on 01453 511126 or alternatively send us a message below and we’ll be happy to help.