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We purchase a range of Protos’ products which, in all the years, have never disappointed or let us down.

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Exceptional Gloss and Clarity

Polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as Polyester (or PET), is a synthetic thermoplastic polymer that is manufactured by a process of co-extrusion whereby the molten polymer is extruded and stretched in two different directions to produce a tough flexible packaging film with superior optical properties of gloss and clarity.

ProPet Characteristics

A major characteristic of polyester packaging film is that it can withstand extremes of temperature – from -75oC to 220oC – therefore it can be safely used in both freezers and heated in microwaves and conventional ovens. Additionally it can be used in sterilisation, pasteurisation and autoclave processes and other specialised industrial uses.

Polyester has excellent barrier and sealing properties and can be sealed to a variety of materials including other flexible packaging films, paper, aluminium, glass, rigid plastics and steel.

Also available is ProPet-met, a polyester film with a silver metallised finish that offers superior barrier properties as well as a metallic finish.

More Information and Advice

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