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Bespoke Packaging For a Wide Range Of Sectors

At Protos our strength is both our versatility and fast turnaround on orders, ensuring that your production line keeps moving. We supply a wide range of industries with flexible packaging products geared to meet the specific challenges of each industry sector.

Whether you work in food sectors such as fresh produce, dried foods, bakery products or industries supplying pharmaceutical, household goods or DIY products, we can design, manufacture, print and supply flexible packaging specific to your needs. Additionally we offer specialist conversion services to fellow converters and resellers in the UK such as film perforating, sheeting, and flexographic printing.



2015-11-11_1500Bakery & Confectionery

Whether you’re looking for film products that are plain or multi-perforated, printed with standard designs or to your own logo, we supply a wide range of quality packaging specifically geared to the bakery and confectionery industry.

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Food -iStock_000057112770_LargeFood

As food manufacturers, you will rely on flexible packaging films not only to showcase your food, but also to help preserve the quality and extend the shelf life. At Protos we offer a wide range of film substrates to meet your particular requirements.

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Food-to-go -iStock_000028557026_LargeFood-To-Go

One of the fastest growing sectors in food manufacturing in recent years is the food-to-go market. Already an established manufacturer of food packaging, at Protos we have applied our knowhow, product range and service infrastructure to support businesses who supply this fast evolving market sector.

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Horticulture - iStock_000057118604_LargeHorticulture

As horticultural produce is packed in conditions of high moisture and low temperatures, the right choice of flexible packaging is essential. At Protos you’ll find all the advice you need and packaging products specifically geared for growers, packers, and retailers to meet the diverse demands of this market sector.

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Specialist - iStock_000064488497_LargeSpecialist

If you are a manufacturer of non-food products, such as pharmaceuticals, greetings cards, household goods, we supply a wide range of flexible film products for your needs. Suited to a variety of industries, from aerospace to art, let us help you with our range of specialist packaging films and products.

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2600 Protos_0982Converters

Whether you need extra capacity during busy periods, require specialist services such as perforation patterns, or are looking for readily available raw material we work closely with fellow converter and packaging resellers.

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More Information and Advice

Regardless of your industry or market sector, we will be able to offer advice on your flexible packaging needs. Why not give our experienced team a call on 01453 511126 for further information and advice? Alternatively send us a message below and we’ll be happy to help.