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I buy from Protos because they are competitive, provide consistent quality, and stick to their delivery commitments.

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Quality Flexible Film Conversion Services

With nearly 30 years of experience of flexible packaging film conversion, Protos are able to offer our specialist manufacturing processes to fellow converters, packaging resellers, and distributors throughout the UK.

We are here to help when you are seeking extra capacity during busy periods or there are certain elements of the conversion process, such as specialist perforation patterns or specific types of bag constructions, for which you don’t have the facilities in your own factory. Our packaging conversion services allow us to convert your own packaging film substrate, whether plain or printed, using any of our manufacturing processes, including:

  • Micro- or macro-perforating
  • Flexographic printing
  • Sheeting
  • Slitting
  • Rewinding
  • Bag-making
  • Folding

Mill Rolls Ex Stock

Additionally, at Protos we can offer converters an ex stock 24- or 48-hour delivery service from our well-stocked warehouse. The ready availability of raw material mill rolls in the UK is a vital back-up service to converters, particularly during periods of market volatility when lead times can vary and deliveries may become unreliable. You can make use of the 300-400 tonnes of packaging films of various thickness and specifications that are available in our secure and BRC-certificated warehouse throughout the year. Think of of our warehouse as your warehouse!

More Help and Information

If you need a helping hand during busy months or require our services for any other reason, don’t hesitate to give the team a call on 01453 511126 or send us a message below and we’ll be happy to help.