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We purchase packaging from Protos and feel that the quality and service they provide is second to none. Indeed, because of this we don’t even bother to try and source elsewhere.

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Innovative Flexible Packaging Products

One of the fastest growing sectors in food manufacturing in the UK in recent years has been the food-to-go market. The success of traditional fast food is being harnessed by artisan food producers as many reject the standardised food of largely US corporate brands in favour of healthier options made using local quality ingredients.

Already an established manufacturer of food packaging, we have applied our know-how, product range, and service infrastructure to support businesses supplying to the food-to-go market. Our products range from standard side-weld polypropylene bags supplied on metal wickets for easy filling to bespoke film bags developed to suit the individual requirements of micro bakeries, delis, and cafes. You can choose from a wide range of take away food packaging products including bags produced with specific perforated hole patterns to specialist films for packing hot foods.


With branding all important in order to promote and differentiate products in the food-to-go market, we can supply your range of flexible packaging products including reels, bags, sheets, and shapes printed with your individual design.

Stock Holding

Check out our Stock and Serve facility for startup businesses who wish to take advantage of minimum print runs without a large initial financial outlay. Alternatively you could simply use one of our standard designs such as “Flavours to Savour” which is available in a range of colours with no origination costs.

More Help and Information

Whether you’re a startup or an established business, why not give our knowledgeable and friendly team a call on 01453 511126 or send us a message below for further advice and information regarding flexible packaging products suitable for the food-to-go sector?