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Flexible Packaging for Food Manufacturers

The sophisticated UK food distribution network relies on flexible packaging films to help preserve the quality of food and extend shelf life. At Protos we understand the demands you face as food manufacturers in a fast-moving consumer goods industry and pride ourselves on being able to constantly offer reliability of delivery and consistency of quality.

Film Substrates

We offer you a wide range of packaging film substrates to meet the diverse requirements of food products including:

  • Breathable films for pies and pasties to inhibit mould growth;
  • Cellulose or bespoke perforated polypropylene;
  • Specialist coatings on films such as polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC), or laminates, to extend shelf life;
  • Biodegradable films to suit the aspirations of health food products;
  • Polyester films able to sustain temperatures of 200oC for hot food.

Our film substrates can be converted into reels, sheets and bags with the choice of plain, multi-perforated or printed designs to suit your needs and budget.

BRCGS Standard

Most importantly for food producers, Protos holds the prestigious BRCGS Global Packaging Standard for Packaging, Grade AA. BRCGS certification gives you the peace of mind that your packaging products are safe for direct contact with food. As with the food chain, full traceability of our packaging is guaranteed from the individual wrap to the film manufacturer’s mill roll.

More Help and Information

As experienced food packaging suppliers, we can offer you the technical advice you need. Whatever your particular application, simply give us a call on 01453 511126 or send us a message below for more information and guidance.