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Bespoke Packaging For Diverse Horticultural Conditions

Did you know that the UK horticulture industry produces more than 300 different types of crops including fruits, field vegetables, protected crops, bulbs, flowers, and potatoes? Added to this is a vast array of imported horticultural products, more than three times the volume produced in the UK. The wide range of bespoke flexible packaging products that Protos offers to growers, packers and retailers are therefore ideally suited to the diverse demands of so many products.

Horticultural packaging must allow for the fact that goods are packed in conditions of high moisture and low temperatures. To let moisture escape the finished pack – whether in reel form for automatic wrapping or as bags or sheets for hand packing – we can offer a range of specialist multi-perforated and punched hole patterns to suit individual product requirements. The gas transmission rates vary according to the perforation pattern and diameter of the hole and at Protos we have this off to a fine art! For instance, we can provide 8mm diameter punched holes for grapes and tomatoes (6mm and 10mm holes are also available), a 1-hole per square inch perforation for herbs and salads, or 32-hole per square inch perforation for runner beans, to name just a few options.

Moisture trapped inside a bag can also spoil product presentation and we therefore recommend the use of a packaging film with anti-mist properties – this keeps the finished pack crystal clear to show off your product so that it looks as fresh and tasty as the moment it was picked! Also, check out our biodegradable alternatives in our ProGanic film range.

Ask about our ProLid range of lidding film that securely seals produce into injection-moulded plastic containers to preserve freshness and quality from the grower to the consumer. Our specialist range of multi-perforated and punched hole patterns can similarly be applied to the ProLid range to allow for breathability. etc.

Research Institutions

Did you know that we manufacture highly specialised micro-perforated polypropylene bags that are used in the development of horticultural products? For instance, we manufacture highly specialised micro-perforated polypropylene bags that are used on flower heads. Tiny perforated holes let in light, air, and moisture but prevent cross pollinations. Additionally, the bags can also be used to collect the seeds at the end of the growing cycle.

More Help and Information

Unsure what exactly you are looking for? Let the team at Protos advise you on the most suitable packaging for your fresh produce. We are happy to provide samples so that you can be sure the packaging specification exactly matches your product requirements. Simply give the team a call on 01453 511126 or send us a message below.