Why Protos?

What our customers say

I buy from Protos because they are competitive, provide consistent quality, and stick to their delivery commitments.

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High Quality Products and a Reliable Service

As a supplier of packaging films destined for the FMCG sector, we operate in a highly competitive market. However, we like to think that our blend of unique selling points has allowed Protos to continue to develop and expand over the last three decades and create a niche in providing bespoke flexible packaging film services and products.

Adding Value For Our Customers

Our customers tell us they buy from Protos because of our consistent and reliable quality, friendly and fast service and competitive pricing. We can add value in the following ways:-

  • Having all production processes in-house and directly under our control allows us maximum flexibility with regard to manufacturing exactly what you want, when they want it.
  • Our large stockholding means we can buffer you from raw material cost volatility and can react quickly to your customer’s demands.
  • We have many years of expertise in film conversion with unrivalled product and technical knowledge. This means you get the best packaging advice available.
  • Our long-term relationships with raw material suppliers ensures consistent quality and reliability of supply in an often unpredictable global market.

More Information and Advice

Derived from Ancient Greek, “Protos” means “first” or “foremost” and conveys the prominent position that Protos holds in the bespoke flexible packaging market.  Why not put us to the test? Give our friendly sales team a call on 01453 511126 or give us a message below and see if we can offer you a better deal with your flexible packaging requirements.