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Severn Project – An Urban Farm Producing High Quality Salads

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The Severn Project is a Bristol based social enterprise and community interest company. Their passion is to produce good quality organic salad leaves and herbs with a workforce of disadvantage individuals who are trying to get a step on the employment ladder. The result is a very successful urban farm in the heart of Bristol supplying quality produce to the local community.
In order to support their expansion plans, in 2014 Severn Project purchased an automatic horizontal form-fill-seal packing machine. Unsure what packaging film to use, they needed a supplier who could offer sound and practical advice backed up with an affordable, quality packaging film that would do the job.
Unimpressed with some of the other companies in the market who blinded him with technical jargon, impractical minimum order quantities and long delivery lead times, Steve Glover the founder and Director of Severn Project eventually found Protos who took the time to explain everything to him and worked with him to find a solution.

Specialist Packaging for Challenging Conditions

Protos were able to advise Steve on an anti-mist packaging film which not only suited his new machinery but is ideal for packing conditions that are less than optimal, i.e. usually damp and cold. The anti-mist qualities of the film stop condensation building up inside the pack and so the farm’s fresh salad leaves and herbs continue to look their best from packing shed to kitchen.
In addition to finding the right packaging film, of equal importance to Severn Project was the requirement for small order quantities. Specialist packaging films usually command large minimum order quantities which would have meant cash tied up in stock over a long period time. Protos’ “stock and serve” facility means that Steve only needs to order what he actually needs from dedicated stock produced and held for him in the Protos warehouse. Always having stock available means that Steve has the peace of mind of knowing his packaging film is available just 20 miles up the road as and when he needs it!
Nicky Fussell, Managing Director of Protos, sums up “As a bespoke flexible packaging film manufacturer, Protos are well placed to work with companies like the Severn Project as we can tailor our products and service to meet individual needs. What Steve has achieved at the Severn Project is truly inspirational and we’re delighted that in a very small way, Protos has been able to support the Project in its work”.

A Kind Word from The Severn Project

Steve says “After buying an automatic packing machine, I spoke to a lot of companies about films who simply blinded me with jargon, minimum quantities, and weren’t really that helpful. Luckily I found Protos, who took the time to explain everything to me in an understandable and manageable way. Protos offers me flexibility, a quick turnaround on deliveries, and a very personal service”.